What are adaptogens?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Whether you’re familiar with adaptogens or not, chances are you’ve seen them as an add-in option on your local coffee shop or smoothie bar menus – and now in your soon to be favourite dog treats.

First, let’s back up. If you’re thinking-adapto-what?-let us catch you up. Adaptogens are essentially a class of herbs that are intended to boost your resistance to and tolerance of stress (emotional and physical) for pets and humans.

As the name suggests, they adapt to meet your needs. This group of little herbs brings balance in the way that a thermostat controls temperature: they turn up your energy when you’re fatigued and help you relax when you’re restless. And like most groups, they work best when they work together.

Adaptogens are trending now, yes, but it was all the way back in 1947 when a Russian doctor working for the military coined the term adaptogens. He was conducting research for Russian soldiers who needed more resistance – and adaptogens helped their bodies focus, cope and adapt to stress in natural ways. One of the early adaptogens came to light there, Rhodiola, which was grown in the Siberian highlands (and used in our Senior Treats).

Adaptogens help to increase stamina, strengthen the immune system and improve the ability to withstand and recover from physical and emotional stress. Sometimes our pups can be a bit off colour and we have carefully formulated our treats to help ground your pooch, so they can get their balance (and mojo) back and carry on living their best life!

Do Adaptogens Actually Work? Yes, they do. More recently, they have gone through scientifically rigorous studies and have come out with the equivalent of a scientific thumbs-up.

How does my dog take adaptogens? We’ve made it super easy for you and baked them into delicious treats for your dog (has any dog ever said no to wild boar?!). Each of our treat variants have a carefully chosen combination of adaptogens (and other healing herbs) to aid a specific ailment and to also enhance general wellness. To reap the benefits of these superhero herbs, we advise giving your pup their biscuits every day for best results. They’ll thank you for it!

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